Do You Have a Data Protection Plan for Your Critical Information?

Imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost access to all your business information and IT infrastructure. Would you be prepared? At CNS, we offer a solution to this frightening possibility - complete data recovery and business continuity programs for small and mid-size businesses in the Idaho County area. Our data protection and recovery specialists know how to keep your business afloat in the event of an IT catastrophe.


We can help protect your company's data from loss due to hackers, theft, system failures, and unforeseen disasters through our customized data backup and recovery packages. We'll work with you to determine the specific needs of your business and find the best solution.

Our data protection solutions provide:


You need to have more than just an in-house backup of your data - a devastating fire or flood could destroy your entire facility. While a natural disaster may be unlikely, many other events - such as a server crash, virus, or other attack - could compromise your IT network and take you days to fix and replace if you do not have a plan for data backup and data recovery. CNS’s data protection professionals will help safeguard your most valuable information so your business can keep functioning no matter what disaster comes your way.


Would you be able to conduct business as usual without your information? Would you know how (or even who) to contact regarding customer orders and deliveries or be able to contact leads and make new sales? How long would your business survive if data recovery was not an option?


Contact the Idaho County area’s data protection specialists at CNS today to learn more about how we can help protect your most critical business asset.